"We figured out that home was something important to both of us. A place to hide, a place to gather, a place you can be as messy, or for Nathan, a place to be as neat and orderly as you would like...colour coordinated wardrobes and all. Home was ours."
-Sasha White


Based in Australia, Mr. and Mrs. White are a couple with a unified eye for home goods and furniture that reflect simplicity, balance, and attention to detail. Join us as we converse about the thought process in their own designs, and how social media influences their work and relationship.

THEY: You have beautifully curated content on your social media, what is your guiding design aesthetic, and what provoked this style?MW: Our design aesthetic has developed over the years, as we have matured ourselves but at the core of it, simplicity and and quality remain true throughout. We are naturally drawn to clean, open and simple spaces that are free from excess but at the same time warm and inviting. 

THEY: What was the spark that made you want to start sharing online? 
MMW: We started our business around 2011 in our own home and back yard. Online seemed like the smartest and most affordable way to showcase our designs and see how people responded to it. 

THEY: How has your growth in social media affected you guys creatively, is there more pressure now to constantly share more content? 
MMW: I think for any creative person social media can be a love hate relationship. Its been great for our business and we love sharing our content but it can be distracting and take away valuable time that should be spent on your craft. We went through a stage of thinking we had to post everyday and constantly being in front of our audience but in doing that we lost sight of the heart of sharing, which for us, all started from a real and authentic place. Sharing our creations for the home from our own home. We are more thoughtful now on what we post and why we are posting, asking the question ‘what are we saying? and does this add value?’ 

THEY: How does each of your field of work have an effect in your relationship, and correspond to each other’s lives?
MMW: We have been pretty lucky in that both our fields of work are different yet they compliment each other, both in a practical and design sense. Nathan is more detailed and I am bigger picture. I can describe a piece of furniture and Nathan can work out how it will work technically. We both have a very similar design aesthetic and so we work together well creating pieces that we both love. 

THEY: Where do you guys get most of your inspirations? 
MMW:Architecture, home spaces, nature, and object design