It’s no surprise that this past year has been fraught with uncertainties for big and small businesses alike. As we learn to live in this new reality, we experienced firsthand the global repercussions of supply chain shortages and also encountered numerous shipping delays. Through this experience, we’ve learned to adapt and mature as a brand in dealing with unexpected challenges, whcich led to the inception and launch of THEY Department Creatives.




We saw an uptick of creativity from entrepreneurs throughout the pandemic and worked with them to create their brands from scratch. From branding concepts to going-to-market strategies, we channeled our expertise in helping launch new products and brands from product design, to establishing a website, digital marketing as well as sourcing, to name a few. 



Our services include: 


Digital Marketing/SEO

Social Media Content Creation

Social Media Management/Sponsored Ads


Branding and Design
CIS Branding Guidelines
Product design
Custom website design
Store design
Staff training


Business Development

Operational organization

Market and competitors research

Individualized pitch decks

Product Sampling and Development 

Sourcing of raw materials and manufacturers

Distribution channels onboarding

Strategy for go-to-market

Retail consulting