"A polygon with three edges and three vertices. It is one of the most basic shapes in geometry,"

The strongest of all shapes, Triangles exist in the world as a balancing agent, possessing the ability to distribute any sort of force evenly with any amount of pressure. This intuitive characteristic marks the foundation of the Triangle, which when implemented into the design of daily objects, reveal a cunningly juxtaposed position between the incredibly rigid corners and it’s constructive qualities that make the shape one of the utmost durability.

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The Teatrino of Palazzo Grassi by Tadao Ando - Venice, Italy

Japanese architect Tadao Ando has added an auditorium with a curving concrete interior to the Palazzo Grassi – a contemporary arts centre inside an eighteenth-century palace in Venice. Curving concrete walls separate the auditorium from reception areas, dressing rooms and storage areas, providing a blank canvas for artwork and film projection. Light fixtures are tucked around the edges of a suspended ceiling in the main lobby, while triangular skylights offer a source of daylight.

Valleaceron Chapel by Sancho-Madridejos Architecture Office - Almaden, Spain

Designed by Madrid-based architecs S-M.A.O., the Chapel in Valleacerón is a folded concrete structure developed around the study and manipulation of a focally tensed box-fold. The chapel is set at the top of a small hill, making it a part of the landscape seen from the property entrance.

Veljlskovgaard Stable By Lumo Architects - Odder Denmark 

The Vejlskovgaard Stable in Odder, Denmark sheds our preconceptions of farm design with their 8,800 sqm stable. Danish building fund Realdania and a family owned farm came together to modernise the structure of the traditional farm by designing the stable based on the landscape of the surrounding hilly environment. “It has been of major importance to fit the shape and the architecture of the stable with the landscape so the qualities of the hills and the surrounding not is lost but is enhanced and respected.” – LUMO Architects.

A Hill on a House by Yuko Nagayama & Associates - Tokyo, Japan

“This is an urban house surrounded by tall buildings on all sides except for the northeast facing a street. The issue was how to bring light into the interior, to open the enclosed volume and to develop scenery within it while avoiding looks from the neighbourhood. There rises a white illuminated “hill” in the house.” – From the Architects.

Approaching Shadow, 1954, by Fan Ho 

Fan was born in Shanghai in 1931. In 1949, when Fan was 18, he migrated to Hong Kong with his family. It was in Hong Kong where he made his first iconic, famous photograph, called the Approaching Shadow.

Approaching Shadow is a beautifully crafted photograph composed with horizontal, vertical and diagonal lines. The use of the triangle shadow and it's lighter counterpart provides the image with a stability and an immediate focus for the eye to be drawn towards the subject on the lower left.