Starting from 2018, The Young Emperors, as they’re known on Instagram, started posting creative content of matching couple outfits inspired by the Korean culture of matching couples who use this as a means of expression of their love towards each other. The French creative photography duo Nelson Tiberghien and Isabelle Chaput talks with us today about what it's like to share their work on social media and what role their relationship plays in their creative work.

THEY: You guys have pretty unique content on your social media, do you guys plans out ideas to execute or is it mostly spontaneously done?
YE: It’s really 50/50 I would say, for the videos we mostly plan out ideas, but for photos we usually just go with the flow! 

THEY: What was the spark that made you want to start sharing online?
YE: We have been matching our outfits since the beginning of our relationship, so it’s been 4 years, and for us it was primarily a strong symbol of our love and bond, and a fun way to show our spirit! But this year we thought that it would be great to actually put it on instagram, and dedicate an account for it, and it has been so fun and rewarding. >

THEY: How has your growth in social media affected you guys creatively, is there more pressure now to constantly come up with great ideas?
YE: It hasn’t affected our creativity at all, on the contrary it really pushes us and motivates us to find new ways of creating!

THEY: How does each of your field of work have an effect in your relationship, and correspond to each other’s lives? 
YE: Not really, we work together, we live together, we have been doing everything together for 4 years now and it really is something that we chose and that was also natural and evident for us! So I don’t know how it affects our relationship really, as our relationship was always part of our work life and vice-versa!

THEY: Where do you guys get most of your inspirations? 
YE: We get our inspiration from everything! It can go from movies, internet, paintings, the supermarket, the people we see in our everyday life, pop culture, we really draw inspiration from every aspects of our life. 

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