01. Who are They

“We focus on finding the delicate balance between intricate construction and elegant design, so as to always create something austerely simple yet essentially versatile.”

Our Story

What began as a shared aesthetic among siblings Jack & Angela, has evolved into a space where practicality and sophistication exist in balance. THEY steps beyond black and white, and instead values the grey area of possibility. We are excited by what happens when curves intersect lines, influences meld together, and people are not thought of as one or the other, but as one and all.

03. They Design

Each design conforms understated sophistication underfoot, drawing inspiration from German structural forms as much as Japanese concepts like Ma (間).

Our Concept

THEY believes in the beauty of simplicity, a single step, a clean line. Our designs embrace nature’s purest forms—the circle, the square, and the triangle—and the distinct energy of each shape. We rely on an emotional geometry to connect style with function and shape the next step. Uncomplicated and unmistakable, our designs are crafted to adapt and refine.

03. They Create

Striving for simplicity through experienced craftsmanship.

Our Manufacture

Drawing from over 30 years of family expertise in the footwear industry manufacturing for Japanese footwear labels in Southern Taiwan, THEY’s line combines detailed composition with craft and quality materials.  Think: sumptuous Nappa leather, sleek silhouettes, hand stitching, padded ankles, and custom leather lining. To accentuate the shoes’ minimalist undertones, we incorporate a monochrome palette and dual color-blocking technique into the character of each shoe.